The eTherapy Essentials Team


Nicole Ripley


Nicole is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in the province of British Columbia and the founder of eTherapy Essentials. Nicole is a Level One Certified Cybercounsellor and has been providing online counselling services since 2010. Nicole keeps busy in Nelson, BC running her private practice, West Kootenay Counselling Services, as well as directing her group clinic in the Okanagan area, Okanagan Clinical Counselling Services. Nicole is the busy mom of four children, which is what motivated her to create such a thriving online business given the realities of needing flexibility for home life. Over the years, Nicole has recognized that there is a large discrepancy between the number of counsellors interested in providing online counselling services and the number of counsellors who feel qualified to do so. It is Nicole’s extensive experience in providing online counselling services to clients, online counselling training to counsellors, public collaboration and networking that has brought her to develop the highly effective and well researched eTherapy Essential’s Online Counselling Fundamentals Course.

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Lisa Ann Butcher


Lisa is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. She is the Director of Operations of eTherapy Essentials, a Youth & Family Dynamics Counsellor with Okanagan Clinical Counselling Services, and the Owner of Three Sisters Clinical Counselling- an online counselling practice. Lisa has spent the past fifteen years working in front-line healthcare as part of a Trauma Response Team. She is passionate about online therapy and believes it allows the client to define the level of emotional comfort and safety in their own space. This method of therapy encourages a comfortable therapeutic environment for both the clinician and the client and she is excited about sharing her knowledge with you as a facilitator of this course.

Nicole Legg


Nicole is the head student researcher and project manager for eTherapy Essentials. Nicole graduated from the University of British Columbia with an Honours Specialization Bachelor of Science in Psychology and has several years of literature, experimental, and lab research experience.

Robyn Katz


Robyn is a student researcher for eTherapy Essentials. Robyn is currently in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology at University of British Columbia. Robyn is currently a volunteer in a psychology research lab at UBCO and hopes to become a lawyer.

Kate Ogorova


Kate is a student researcher working for eTherapy essentials. Kate is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at University of British Columbia, and currently volunteers in a psychology research lab at UBCO and hopes to complete here Honours thesis.

Allison Crosby


Allison is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who has worked in private practice in Calgary, AB and Kelowna, BC. During her time in private practice, she has provided clients with eTherapy via video conferencing. Allison specializes primarily in anxiety and has greatly assisted many clients with their anxious symptoms through online counselling.