Module 6- eTherapy Methodologies

This module explores the empirically supported methodologies, limitations, and techniques used in providing eTherapy for some of the more common mental health concerns. Module 6 is broken down into four sections that more deeply explore some of the logistics and methodologies used throughout the provision of the four main types of eTherapy that are addressed int his course: video call, phone call, instant messaging, and email. Each sections describes what is required to provide each method of eTherapy, and some methodologies that are supported to be effective in addressing various mental health concerns. This module and course does not provide a step-by-step description of how to run an eTherapy session, but instead provides the background research and information necessary to feel capable of providing eTherapy through the various platforms. Module 6 includes this information, along with a module review summary checklist, an experiential activity, and a 10 question module review quiz. A mark of at least 70% is required on the quiz to move on to the next module, but you have unlimited quiz attempts to achieve this mark.

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