Module 5- Personal and Clinical Skills Required for eTherapy

This module discusses some of the personal and clinical skills/requirements that may be necessary for the safe and ethical provision of eTherapy. The requirements discussed include aspects such as accreditation, licensing, and technical skills that should be considered when providing eTherapy. This module also explores some clinical skills and methodologies that may be useful throughout your eTherapy practice. Specific studies that provide support for methodologies in addressing different mental health concerns over various eTherapy platforms are included. These studies are intended to provide therapists with basic knowledge about some of the clinical skills and approaches that may be used throughout the practice of eTherapy. Module 5 includes this information, along with a module review summary checklist, an experiential activity, and a 10 question module review quiz. A mark of at least 70% is required on the quiz to move on to the next module, but you have unlimited quiz attempts to achieve this mark.

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