Module 3- The Benefits of Practicing eTherapy

This module discusses the many benefits of receiving and providing eTherapy services. The first half of the module provides information about the many benefits of receiving eTherapy services from the clients point of view. This knowledge will help therapists better understand the feasibility and advantages that accessing eTherapy services has for the clients, and may help therapists to better market their eTherapy services. The second half of the module discuss the benefits of providing eTherapy services from a therapists point of view. This module include a comprehensive discussion of the many barriers to accessing mental health services that eTherapy helps to eliminate, along with a module review summary checklist, an experiential activity, and a 10 question module review quiz. A mark of at least 70% is required on the quiz to move on to the next module, but you have unlimited quiz attempts to achieve this mark.

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