Benefits of eTherapy Essentials Online Training Course

The Online Counselling Fundamentals course provided by eTherapy Essentials provides therapists with a comprehensive understanding of all topics relating to online counselling, working with people in an online environment, privacy provisions and self marketing. This course will provide an overview and in-depth introduction on several topics varying from marketing strategies to enhancing privacy for you and your clients online.

Nicole Ripley, the owner and creator of eTherapy Essentials, was recently published in the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) clinical counselling magazine called Insights Magazine.  Click here to read on page 30 more about Nicole Ripley’s vision and insight into the field of virtual mental health services.  


Online training provides you with easy and convenient access to course materials. There is no commute required, or set times that you need to be learning in a classroom. With online training, you can work on course materials anytime, anywhere. eTherapy Essentials Online Counselling Fundamentals course is completely online, so there is no need to carry around textbooks and or supplemental reading materials. Online training courses allow you to learn at your own pace without the stress of commuting, attending classes at set times, heavy books, or deadlines for course completion. As an individual with a busy life schedule, online training is a convenient solution to obtain the training you want in a realistic and convenient manner.


Further to convenience, eTherapy Essential’s online training is completely flexible. You can access and work on your course materials from wherever, whenever. This allows busy professionals to work on the course while travelling, on their lunch break, or after hours with nothing but access to the internet. There are no deadlines throughout the course, so you can work on the course whenever is most convenient for you. Online training gives you the flexibility to design your own course trajectory and accommodate your progress according to your schedule.


Competence builds confidence. eTherapy Essential’s Online Counselling Fundamentals course will provide you, the counsellor, with the information, resources, and tools you need to competently and ethically provide online counselling services. Engaging in training is crucial to ensure that you are safely and effectively eTherapy services to your clients. This course will provide you with all of the comprehensive information necessary, ensuring that you feel equipped to deal with any issues that may arise. No need to try to find resources and information about all of the different components involved in eTherapy. Find all of the necessary information in one course to build your competence in providing online counselling services.


eTherapy Essentials training course is all online, all you need is a laptop, tablet, or cellphone, and access to the course website. All of the materials for Online Counselling Fundamentals is online, and as such paper consumption and additional cost of buying textbooks and additional course materials is eliminated. eTherapy Essential’s training course is a cost efficient way to obtain the training you need, without spending thousands of dollars on multi week structured online courses.


Having some training to backup your eTherapy services, will allow you to present yourself as a more qualified and experienced eTherapist above those who do not have training. As eTherapy is still a growing medium of providing counselling services, having credibility behind your services will likely attract more clients. Being able to state that you have taken a training course will set your apart from other eTherapists, and allow you to market yourself with an edge.

Beyond taking an online training course to expand your knowledge and services to the online world, practicing eTherapy in general has many benefits. eTherapy, much like online training is a highly flexible and convenient way for you to offer counselling services. eTherapy allows you to increase you revenue by offering more flexible hours and not interrupting your practice while you travel or accommodate other life commitments. Furthermore, you can reach many more clients who may otherwise not have access to appropriate counselling services due to location, mobility restrictions, or lack of clinicians specializing in their unique concerns.

Online training to develop, expand, and update your knowledge about the industry and practice of eTherapy has many benefits. To get started today, click on the Courses page in your top navigation toolbar.