Benefits of Practicing eTherapy


eTherapy is an up and coming platform which offers you, the therapist, the freedom to provide professional and secure virtual counselling services for your clients. eTherapy services may be delivered in several different forms but is most commonly offered via videoconference, phone call, email, or instant chat. Online counselling can be provided to individuals, couples, or groups, similar to an offline setting. The most obvious advantages of practicing your services online relate to convenience and cost effectiveness of running a counselling business. By increasing your availability through flexible hours and locations from which you deliver your services, you are able expand your clientele and work opportunities.

Here are a few of the many benefits which you will discover when practicing eTherapy.


eTherapy is convenient or both the therapist and the client. Mobility or time constraints may be a big concern for individuals when it comes to accessing mental health care. By providing online counselling, many barriers which may prevent people from seeking therapy in person can be eliminated. Additionally, the therapist can continue to run their counselling business while they travel, work, or are at home. The hassle of commute to appointments and scheduling conflicts can be largely eliminated, allowing for faster access and delivery of mental health services.


With eTherapy, you have the option to work from a more flexible schedule, which allows you to book appointments during evenings, holidays and weekends. People in different countries and time zones are able to access your services (depending on your insurance), which can greatly expand your client base. Furthermore, the flexibility of being able to go back and review interactions with clients through text based eTherapy, can provide you and your client greater accountability for session progress.


Online counselling can be more cost-effective for both the therapist and client. There is a reduced cost for the maintenance of an online counselling practice, and sessions simply require a good Wi-Fi connection and any necessary secure softwares. Because there is no need for extra expenses of renting or buying a space for the practice, you are able to get a bigger bang for your buck. More clients may also be able to afford your services, as eTherapy rates are typically slightly lower than in-person sessions.


If eTherapy is something you may be interested in but would like more information, feel free to contact us at and check out our online training opportunities for counsellors wanting to expand their counselling services into the online world.


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