About Us

eTherapy Essentials was created to provide online training opportunities for counsellors who are looking to expand their practice into the online world. eTherapy Essentials was founded by clinical counsellor Nicole Ripley, and is based out of the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada. The field of counselling is already beginning to shift towards provision through online platforms, and the industry of eTherapy is projected to expand exponentially in the coming years. With all of this growth potential, there is an apparent lack of online training and education opportunities for counsellors who wish to provide ethical and effective eTherapy services.

eTherapy Essentials was created by counsellors, for counsellors, who wish to educate themselves on the theory and implications of providing eTherapy services to clients. The training opportunities that eTherapy Essentials both informs and educates current or potential eTherapists, based off of years of clinical experience in providing online counselling services, scientific literature and research. This company was created help ensure that counselling services can become more accessible to individuals through digital platforms, while ensuring that these services are provided in a safe and ethical manner.

The team behind eTherapy Essentials is composed of 3 experienced clinicians and 3 student researchers. Together, the eTherapy Essentials has put together an online training experience that strives to ensure that counsellors who are providing online counselling services feel competent and qualified to do so.

Our Mission

eTherapy Essentials aims to educate and inform therapists through online training opportunities, who are looking to expand their counselling services to the online world.  eTherapy Essential was created by counsellors, for counsellors, and strives to provide highly researched information about the current eTherapy industry to promote effective and ethical online counselling